Answered By: Jeremy Worsham
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Need assistance with creating a poster? Here's a handy guide Creating Successful Poster Presentations. Continue, when you are ready to print.

1. When you are ready to print your poster, make sure that you have selected the Canon  iPF8400SE as your printer.

2.  By default, the printer is set to print a 36" x 48" (ARCH E) poster.  Unless you have requested to print on higher-quality paper, the printer settings should look like the image below. 

  • Media type = Plain Paper
  • Print Target = Poster
  • Print Quality = Standard (300 dpi)  * Please check this setting.  It will sometimes default to fast, which may create subtle lines within your poster.

3. The Page Setup tab is where you can change the size of the poster that you would like to print.  The default settings are in the image below. 

  • Page Size = 36" x 48" (ARCH E)
  • PaperSource = Roll Paper
  • Roll Paper Width = 36-in Roll (914.4mm)

4. To change the poster size select the drop down by Page Size and choose your new size. (image below)

The most common options are 36" x 48"(ARCH E), 24" x 36" (ARCH D), and 18" x 24" (ARCH C).  If you select one of either 24" x 36" (ARCH D) or 18" x 24" (ARCH C), please select the "Rotate Page 90 degrees (Conserve Paper) option to print the poster using less paper.  (highlighted below)

5. If you would like to print on a higher grade paper, please talk with the Library Lab Student Worker. Select Media Type and then choose the paper type that matches your paper choice. 

6.  Once you've checked all the settings, you are ready to print. 

Please let one of our staff members know if you have any problems or questions.