Answered By: Sherre Harrington
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In American Institute of Physics (AIP) style, references should be set as a double-spaced list at the end of the text. The names, including initials, of all authors in each reference should be given (in the text, the use of “et al.” is permissible).

All references to books and journal articles, listed at the end of the paper, are to appear in only one of these three formats:

  1. By number, in order of first appearance, presenting the names of the authors, the journal name, volume, first page number only, and year. This paper will be listed as the 19th in the list of references and cited as 19 or Ref. 19:

    19L. M. Pecora, T. L. Carroll, G. A. Johnson, D.J. Mar, and J. F. Heagy, Chaos 7, 520 (1997).
  2. In alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name, including, in addition to the name, the title of the paper cited, journal name, volume, first and last page, and year. This paper will be cited as “Pecora et al. (1997).” 

    Pecora, L. M., Carroll, T. L., Johnson, G. A., Mar, D. J., and Heagy, J. F., “Fundamentals of synchronization in chaotic systems, concepts, and applications,” Chaos 7, 520–543 (1997).
  3. Alphabetically listed references (with full titles and page ranges) may be numbered according to their alphabetical order and cited by their number.