Answered By: Sherre Harrington
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2020     Views: 2

Can't you just copy the URL at the top of the page and save it? 

Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. Most library resources are generated using dynamic, database-driven websites that do not automatically have a dedicated URL that you can copy and paste from your toolbar into your document. After a time, these URLs will become disabled and unusable, and they may not include the code necessary for you to access library resources off campus.  The only way to guarantee access is to use a permalink when linking within another document.

There are several different names that products use to indicate a permalink. You may see the words Permalink, DOI, Bookmark, Permanent Link, Stable URL, etc., but they will all provide you with the same information. Sometimes the permalink will be provided as one of the options for sharing.

To make sure that your permalinks work from off campus, please make sure that the following statement is included in front of your permalink.